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8 Chalk Markers

Sale Price: $9.95

Chalk Toys™ Chalk Markers are food-safe, non-toxic, and water soluble. These bright neon chalk markers, come in packs of eight. These world famous markers glow with a black light and dry within 5 minutes of use.

All the liquid chalk markers in their 8 pack cartons are bright, neon colors. They will stimulate the child's imagination to create beautiful or even scary toys…...which will glow in the sunlight and especially glow with a black light. Neon colors are not only attractive but they can stimulate the child's imaginative 'juices' to paint their toys with any color and neon hue that he or she wants. Neon toys are what attract other children to play with the child's toys. Bright neon colors make each Chalk Toy come alive with their creative designs. Neon colored liquid chalk markers are the designated Chalk Toy markers. All our chalk markers are non-toxic.

These chalk markers work well on chalkboard and glass surfaces. Restock your business with our wholesale chalk markers. Ask about wholesale pricing by calling customer service.

Product Details
3mm  head piece

How do I prime Chalk Markers?
Simply push the marker tip down for 10-30 seconds to allow liquid to release inside the marker inside the tip of the chalk marker. Once you see the tip of the marker shange to the color of the chalk marker stop pushing down the tip and start drawing!

Marker liquid dries within 5 minutes.

Works great on glass, metal, plastic and smooth surfaces as well as blackboard surfaces.