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RC Chalk Helicopter plus 8 Washable Chalk Markers

Sale Price: $34.90

Look, up in the sky, it's a bird….no, it's a plane….no, it's an RC Chalk Helicopter! Just take your RC Chalk Hawk and design it with your 8 new liquid chalk markers and wow… your child is a helicopter pilot of his/her own artwork. Improving his hand eye coordination, your child can fly with the most exciting toy they have ever owned. When he is finished being a 'copter' pilot he can wash it and turn it into a life-saving emergency 'copter' with a big Red Cross and brightly colored blades, coming to pick up and rescue a stranded person on a mountaintop.

RC Chalk Helicopter is an RC helicopter that you can stylize over and over again using our famous liquid neon chalk markers. The chalk markers dry within 5 minutes of using them. You can actually fly this amazing machine. Plus, you get 8 Chalk Markers! 

Remember when you are done chalking your toy, always upload it to our website to be featured on our home page carousel, as well as on our Instagram and Facebook news feeds. Chalk Toys is a social toy because you can share your designs with other Chalk Toy artists to get inspiration for your next design. 


Product Details:

Remote Control Included: Yes 
Size: 8.5 inches length 3 wide 6 inches height
Batteries Needed: 6x AA Batteries
Power Source: 3.7V 130mAH Lithium BatteryChannel: 3.5 Channels
Flying Time: 8-10 minutes
Charging Time: 40 minutes

(8) Chalk Markers "included" which dry within 5 minutes and are water soluble. These chalk markers are completely non-toxic and food safe. 


What does 3 channel mean?
This means you can go back and forward, up and down, and left and right!