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RC Chalk Car plus 8 Washable Chalk Markers

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Sale Price: $29.95

The Chalk Toys™ Chalk Car. 

This 10 inch, remote controlled, chalkboard surfaced, Lamborghini replica, comes with 8 neon liquid chalk markers, allowing you to let your creative imagination run wild! You can design this car over and over! Liquid chalk markers are water soluble, so all it takes is a wet rag. Liquid chalk dries within a couple minutes, so you can do beautiful layers of colors, designs, images, graffiti, or anything you want, without worrying about making a mess, or bleeding colors between chalk markers. You can make new designs anytime you want, or keep your chalk car forever by spraying a transparent glossy finish over it. 

Collect a brand new remote controlled chalkboard surfaced car that people of all ages can enjoy! It amazes children, teens and adults! Even better, we're adding (8) high quality, liquid chalk markers. Now your child has the ability to design, drive, and with the magic of chalkboard, redesign their car over and over, whenever they want!

It's part of the human experience to express yourself in artistic ways. With Chalk Toys, you can fulfill the fantasy of drawing on a the most radical looking sports car that normally you would never be able to do unless you were very wealthy. 

Take the RC Chalk Car and turn it into the most stylish race car ever! Wash it off again and turn it into a villainous car with eye-blasting features using a black light! Your child will never tire of this innovative toy. Checkout now with this RC Chalk Car and make this a great gift for your child to expand his/her imagination!

(1) Chalk Toys™ RC Car plus (8) washable Chalk Toys Liquid Chalk Markers. You can not only paint this toy, but drive it around too. Kids of all ages will love playing with their Chalk Toy. Also, use a black light and watch the neon colors shine bright. You can use regular chalk as well if you don't have our famous Chalk Toys Liquid Chalk Markers. Send us your design via social media when you chalk up this fun sports car and well post it in our news feed with your name! 

Product Details

Do Not Submerge
Dimensions - 10 inches long 4 inches wide 3 inches height 
Scale 1:18
4xAA Batteries Needed 
27 MHZ
Headlights Turn On and Off
8 Chalk Markers Included 

The 8 Chalk Markers that are included, dry within 2-3 minutes and are water soluble, non-toxic and food safe. Wash with a wet rag.

What does 1:18 mean?

That means this car is 18 times smaller then a real car. So 1:18 ratio is bigger than a 1:36 ratio.