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Chalk Dinos (2) plus 8 Washable Chalk Markers

Sale Price: $19.85

2 Chalk Toys™ Chalk Dino's. Give your child a pair of unique chalkboard surfaced dinosaurs, plus you can color with our non-toxic, washable, neon, liquid chalk markers (8 included).

Boom! Boom! Boom! Your child can hear the impact tremors of the King of the Dinosaurs as he lumbers through the thickets of the little child's back yard. The Chalk Dino is shaped exactly like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, king of the dinosaurs. This Chalk Dino can be painted with brown and green spiny marks on the dinosaurs back, with bright red eyes and scary painted teeth. The dino-loving child can use his or her imagination and create the most fantastic dinosaur in the 'jungle'. Every time the child is tired of one dinosaur, he or she can create a brand new dinosaur with the 8 brightly colored markers.

Product Details
Each Chalk Dino Is 6-7" Inches In Height
2 Chalk Dinosaurs Included
8 Chalk Markers 


Material: Plastic