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Who Invented The First RC Helicopter?

Although to this day there are many arguments, discrepancies and disagreements as to who was actually the first person to invent and fly the first remote controlled helicopter, there are several theories regarding this issue. First of all, there are numerous opinions in terms of the first aerial device that was ever able to sustain flight, and in terms of that, various theories state that the beginnings of aerial vehicle testing go way back to 400 BC China and the so called “bamboo-copter”. Other theories also state that several traces have been found that lead back to Leonardo da Vinci and the beginnings of 1480s, where it is said that he had performed experiments with certain aircraft type rotary devices which have been described as “aerial screws”. However, these are all theories and understandings of the concept of a real, full sized helicopter attempted to be made small scale first, for experimentation purposes.

The “all-father”

It is successfully argued by many that Dr. Dieter Schluter was the one to create the first real RC helicopter that was actually capable of sustainable flight. Although it is stated that there have been certain individuals that were able to perform brief flights with their home made remote controlled machines much sooner that Dr. Schluter, no evidence whatsoever has been found until now to support these claims. Dieter Schluter was a German who created his RC helicopter in 1970 and his first model did not really appeal to people very much due to the fact that it did not look like a real full sized helicopter. However, after certain alterations and changes, it began to resemble the actual chopper upon which Schluter’s design was based- the Bell Huey Cobra. Dieter Schluter was a man who understood the importance of size when it came to new and untested things, as well as he knew that people would be more interested and amused if he were to create a larger scale model. The first opportunity he had to showcase his creation and also demonstrate how it worked was at the Whitesuntide weekend, which actually lasted for 3 days. Dieter Schluter amazed everyone when he appeared at the event, because at that time it was perceived that the development and ultimately the creation of a fully operational RC helicopter would take many years. By the year 1971, the RC helicopter created by Dr. Schluter was already shipped out to all major countries, starting with the Unites States and the United Kingdom.

Events were in motion

The success of the RC helicopter created by Dr. Dieter Schluter had achieved so much success in the following years that by the year 1975 already many different individuals all over the world were starting to create their own models of RC helicopters inspired by the one created by Mr. Schluter. Although these alternative models were all eventually built for record braking, they were also built:
• from very different materials
• for very different purposes
• with separate distinct features
• to be unique in their own way.

Competitions were being held all over the world as RC helicopter pilots became more and more daring in their tricks and performances and the demand was created for RC helicopters that can always go further, faster and higher. It can be said that, even though every RC helicopter is made from similar or even same materials nowadays, surely there are no two helicopters that fly the same, because of their pilots who are always pushing the limits.