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What Is A Chalk Toy?

We have created the world’s first chalk toys introduced by Chalk Toys. The terms “toy” and “toys” are pretty much self explanatory. They represent words familiar to probably every person on the planet. It is safe to say that practically everyone has had a toy or two at some point in their lives. Although numerous objects can be considered toys, only several have truly been designed as toys from the very start. However, with numerous technological advancements taking the stage every day, one might become lost in their quest to find a perfect toy for their young ones. Who can make the right choice between all those modern smartphones, electric rocking chairs and baby bottles that glow in the dark? The solution is simple-as is the toy in question. A chalk toy is one thing you can never go wrong with. But you might ask yourself what is a chalk toy at all? Sounds like a combination of some kind of toy and a chalk, big deal. Well, you’re wrong-it is the ultimate product that is totally different from the sea of similar toys out there today. Chalk toys market is thriving worldwide for multiple reasons, and most of them are quite simple, but as it usually happens, very effective at the same time.

Chalk toys 101

Chalk toys are basically toys of various shapes, sizes and forms that have been molded to resemble numerous real life objects and items. What is especially characteristic about these toys is that they have been crafted in a special way that enables them to have a high level of detail, hardening then simply wiping it off using a wet rag. All our toys have a blackboard like surface on them! You can use basic chalk on all our chalk toys, plus use our world famous chalk markers. You can also drive some of our toys or use them as memorabilia. Then, simply wash off your cool art work and do it all over again. Chalk toys does a have a little secret that you can find out when using a black light on your art work. Watch your art work explode with color when using a black light on it! The chalk toys are a single color of black and are made from materials that are very forgiving in terms of their possibility to absorb and maintain various colors applied with the chalk markers, but also possess the ability to be easily wiped off or washed down so that another design may be applied. We have created the world’s first blackboard surfaced toy. Chalk toys represent a constant source of inspiration especially for children, who realistically speaking have the attention span of a gold fish. They can be viewed as a blank canvas that is always available to help kids express their creativity.
Interested? Here’s how to get them
Probably one of the best places to get chalk toys is chalktoys.com. This online store has numerous chalk toys in stock that are guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s needs. Just some of the chalk toys you can find there are:

• RC Chalk Helicopter
• RC Chalk Car
• Chalk Piggy
• Chalk Dinosaur

Just imagine the happiness of a child flying his RC Helicopter in the backyard or pounding away through the bumpy rally course with his RC car. And the best part is-they can color it any way they choose thanks to the unique chalk markers that come in 8 different colors.