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Terms and Conditions

Please thoroughly read these ‘Terms and Conditions’ before using this website. Once reading the Terms and Conditions, the user is unconditionally favoring these terms and conditions. If the user does not agree with the Terms and Conditions of this website, we respectfully ask that you do not use this website.

Information Accuracy

It is the attempt of Chalk Toys to be accurate and up to date on all the information within the website. There may be times which, despite the efforts of Chalk Toys, where the information on this website may not be exactly accurate or may not be current. Examples of the information which may not be accurate or current may be prices for certain products when those prices may have changed. Because there may be price changes, this website does reserve the right to change the information without notice. We may also reserve the right to limit certain order quantities without notice on any of our products to any customer. In addition we reserve the right to require verification of information prior to accepting a shipment or order.

Limitation of Shipments
The requirements of shipping restrictions at the time of the order placement must be in compliance with those restrictions before the order will be shipped to the address which is designated by the purchaser. All items purchased through this website must be in compliance with a shipment contract of the carrier. Any risk or loss of product during delivery by the carrier must be the responsibility of the purchaser, who must lodge a claim with the carrier for the loss.

Products and Specifications
All features and specifications of the products and prices of www.chalktoys.com which are described through the said website are subject to change, at any time, without notice. Some of the specifications of the www.chalktoys.com products are an approximation and therefore may not be the exact measurements as stated within the website. It is the goal and the reasonable manner of Chalk Toys to display accurate descriptions and attributes of their products within the website. The colors which may be seen on the website may vary as to the hues of the various computers which may be displaying the websites. It is the websites user’s responsibility to adhere to all applicable state, federal, local and international laws which may include minimum requirements of user’s age. It is also the user’s responsibility to see that the ordered products are used in a lawful manner.

Website Use
All designs, information, material, content, and graphics of this website are protected by copyright and trademark laws and may not be downloaded within the written permission of the owners of this website. The owners of the website chalktoys.com reserve all rights of the said website and chalktoys.com may not be modified as far as information and the materials which are displayed on said website. Therefore any unauthorized use of the information and content of chalktoys.com may be in violation of copyright and/or trademark law, as well as privacy laws, and any other laws and regulations therein.