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Switch Blade Morphing RC Helicopter

A switch blade morphing RC refers to a radio controlled flying model of an aircraft with rotator wing blades with motor configuration that is adjustable from hover to forward flight. Spinmaster is the manufacturer of this switchblade morphing RC aircrafts. The brand name of these RC aircrafts is Air Hogs Switchblade. The dimensions of the aircraft are 9.8" x 15.5" x 9". The price of this RC is $59.55. The Air Hog Switch blade set includes the assembled vehicle, controller which also doubles as charger, 4 spare propellers, 3 piece launching platform and the manual. It has a built in LiPo battery. It required 6AA cells for the controller. The controller has the radio frequency of 27 MHz.

It has a wingspan of 17-inch and is made of poly-foam. The controller features a direction toggle, throttle, "morph" button and a trim knob. Morph button is located right after the controller which also acts as the charger is fitted with batteries. It is connected with the charge porter of the Switch blade. The green light flows when the Switchblade is completely charged and is ready for flight. The plane needs to be position on the launch base of the aircraft. Arrows on the body of aircraft indicate the direction of wings rotation. When the trim is appropriately attuned, the plane would surely go up with no difficulty. The plane will ascend when the trim is properly adjusted. The switchblade can hover in the air and then transform like jet when the morph button on the controller is pressed. It has a range of 300 feet.

The aircraft has two rotor blades that are located on the opposite ends of the frame. When the aircraft is switched on the rotating blades which start moving creating thrust that makes the aircraft to ascend up and hover. When the morph button is pressed the rotator blades get reconfigured from opposite to the similar horizontal direction which enables the aircraft to move forward like a jet plane at a great speed. The ability to control the aircraft in the flight mode is very limited because of high speed. The polyfoam body of the aircraft is durable and the aircraft does not suffer from much damage in case of any crash. Due to its durable body frame, this aircraft can be repaired with glue and tape.

This aircraft is a stunt flier which combines the flight pattern of a helicopter with that of jet plane by adjusting the orientation of the rotator blade which morphs the hovering action of helicopter to the forward flight of a jet. The adjustability of the rotator position makes the aircraft vulnerable to any kind of vibrations including the wind and sudden increase in speed on morphing also makes it difficult to control. The morphing also takes much battery charge. Properly trimming the aircraft is necessary to ensure that its flight is smooth. It is a must to fly in a big space and then go high before morphing into forward flight. The manufacturers’ advice that the plane should be piloted over the areas that is grassy. On the other hand, temperature should be 45 degrees Fahrenheit or higher than this. This temperature is for safe flying as well as best possible performance and the plane should be mounted under the adult supervision to ensure the safety of children flying it.