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Toy Innovation

Chalk Toys™ has created an innovative toy line which will keep your child happy for hours and activate your child’s creativity. These toys magically transform from a modest, traditional toy to a brightly colored, personalized novelty which reflects your child’s unique personality and special preferences.

The toys ‘come alive’ when the child or adult (Chalk Toys are great for bringing a child and a parent together) takes our liquid chalk markers and paints them to become his or her special toy. Within five minutes the liquid chalk hardens to a bright hue and your child has a brand new toy. Shine a black light on the toy and….. poof….it glows in the dark. The designs harden and are a part of the RC car, the RC helicopter, or any of wholesale toys for businesses.

Simply Wash It Off!

Maybe you or your child get some new ideas on how you want the toy to look. No problem…just take some water and wash off the liquid chalk and you are ready for another unique toy, ready to design any way you wish. Your child will never get bored with this toy because it will continually be able to transform to a brand new toy at your child’s every whim.

Chalk Toys are also sold as wholesale items and can be purchased at reduced prices for businesses. These indestructible toys like the RC helicopter and the RC race car will stimulate your child’s interest and keeps him (or her) playing with these toys for hours. When they become bored with the toy, they can change it into a brand new RC helicopter. This toy will be the greatest toy you have ever bought for your child. It is also a toy which can be played by any aged child….even teens and adults will love them.