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Cheap RC Helicopter Parts

Instead of scrapping your machine and spending more money on a new one, you can always choose to repair your chopper that has already received a huge amount of your time and love. Doesn’t really matter how badly you’ve damaged your “copter” because there is a huge market out there that is more than willing to provide you with all of the necessary spare parts that you might need: tail blades, canopies, landing gear, rotor blades, batteries, battery chargers, spare bodies, rotor heads etc.

How do you choose where to buy your parts?

Well, first of all, that depends on whether you need one specific part or you could use a part kit that consists of several different parts that you might need. Seeing how some type of damage is bound to happen to your chopper at a certain point, a part kit might be a better option overall, due to the fact that any of the parts that you don’t use immediately will surely remain available for use in the future as spare parts. Be that as it may, it always makes sense to try to get the necessary parts online simply because it is much easier and faster. However, if you don’t consider yourself to be very technologically savvy, you can always personally visit a real store.

Here’s a list of stores that sell cheap RC helicopter parts:

• Firstly, it’s a good choice to visit eBay ( – chances are that you’ll find what you need among the enormous quantities of all types of goods. If this doesn’t work out, you can also try, 24700 Avenue Rockefeller, Santa Clarita, CA 91355, phone number (for online purchases only): (818) 675-9000 – over 190 individual parts as well as part kits are available;, 2341 1st Avenue Street, Billings, MT 59101, phone number (toll free): 1-877-435-4776; One of the largest stores of its kind in the planet, located in a state with no sales tax, specialized in everything related to RC helicopters, including all possible parts of all possible RC choppers;, a Canadian developed RC toy brand that has over 16 years of experience, phone number: 0203-355-2117; Specialized in RC choppers but also other RC toys, has stock available all year round;, 1536 E Katella Avenue, Orange CA 92867, phone number 714-538-3111; A superstore specialized in virtually all RC helicopter parts with over a thousand items on stock at all times;, 145 Shifu Road, Xinyi district, Taipei City 110, Taiwan, phone number (USA only) 1-510-962-5851; An RC merchandise business agent registered in Taiwan, specialized mostly in T-Rex RC helicopters and its respective spare parts.