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About Chalk Toys

Unleash your imagination with an original Chalk Toy™ brand chalkboard surfaced RC car, helicopter, dinosaur, or sunglasses. We want to change the world by thinking differently, and provide a unique product that will stimulate creative thinking and provide lots of fun for all ages. 

  • You may ask “What are Chalk Toys?” Chalk Toys™ are the most innovative, yet traditional toys on the market today. Bringing to you the most popular toys today, RC Cars, RC helicopters, Dinosaurs, and Sunglasses now more futuristic and customizable. Each toy has a unique chalkboard surface which can be designed in a million different ways to suit the child, teen, or adult and create a personalized individualistic toy!
  • You may also ask “Why sell these toys…what makes them so different than other toys?” We sell toys because with all the techno-toys on the market today, the traditional toy has been proven to give the child more pleasure. These traditional toys are different from others because they can change at the whim of the child….they can stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity.
  • Where are we located? Well, we are not located in Japan or China, but right here in the United States, in the heart of . You can reach out staff any time using the contact information on the contact page.
  • We are a brand new company which has been operational since October 5, 2013. Come with us on the ground floor with our ‘newfangled’ toys! We are excited about our new business and we want you to ‘catch’ our excitement!
  • And “Where are we going from here?” As early as next year you will find our products in major retail stores, major advertisement campaigns and definitely under YOUR Christmas tree!! Join us with the magic of Christmas….purchase your Chalk Toys now and capture the wonder of Christmas! And a Very Happy Holidays from Chalk Toys™!!!