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What is a chalk marker?

Posted by Jordan Kavoosi on November 07, 2013.

Have you ever wanted to paint something and wash it off after 5 minutes? Well with liquid chalk markers you can do this. Not only can you wash it off after 5 minutes, you can use a black light on the chalk markers and watch the colors ignite with color. The most common used chalk marker is the 3mm head piece.

What can you use a chalk marker on ?
You can use a chalk markers on almost any surface other then porous surfaces.
-Anything with a smooth solid surface basically

What is a non-porous surface?

A non-porous surface is a surface that is kind of frizzy not really smooth and solid. For example like clothes. The markers might stain the clothes if it sits on them for more then a couple hours you might see a light outline of your writing. You will always be able to remove the marker but it does leave a outline of the marker writing.
Most chalk markers are non-toxic and extremely fun to use. You can write on piggy banks, refrigerators and even chalk toys!

How to use a chalk marker?

If you want to learn how most chalk markers work you have to simply pick one up at your local art store. Most common stores like Walmart or Target don’t have them. The average retail price for the chalk markers are $3-$5.00 each marker. If you shop online they are the cheapest at $1-$2.00 each. First shake your chalk marker for 10 seconds. Most chalk markers require you to push down on the tip of the marker for 10 seconds to allow the liquid to ooze down into the tip of the marker then simply stop pushing down the tip and the latch that releases the liquid closes to prevent the liquid from drying out.

How to draw a 3dish outline

To overlap colors you need to wait 2-3 minutes before each layer. This way you don’t smear or mix your colors. Simply draw your first letter then wait 2-3 minutes then outline it with a different color.

How to wash off your liquid chalk?

Do not use a green sink spongy that has a rough surface that could take off more then the chalk paint. Simply grab a damp towel and wash off the liquid chalk within 10 minutes of it being on a porous surface, If you write on a non-porous surface then it doesn’t matter how long you wait to wipe it off.

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