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Where To Buy The Best RC Car

Posted by Jordan Kavoosi on November 30, 2013.

RC cars refer to model cars or trucks that are self powered and controlled by transmitter. There are several models and brands of RC cars available in the market. It is essential that buyers are sure about their priorities before choosing the model and place where they are going to buy it. RC cars are powered by nitro or electricity. Nitro cars most often reach higher speeds and run for longer periods of time than the electric cars, but electric cars are more reliable and quieter of the two. Money is another factor that needs to be considered while choosing where to buy. It includes both price to be paid as well as maintenance cost.

There are several companies that manufacture ready to run RC cars and some sell the parts which are assembled by the buyers themselves. The RC cars are available in many toy shops as well as in the toy sections of many chain stores like KMart. RC cars are also sold on the Internet on Amazon and eBay. However there general retail and online stores do not provide a wide variety of products that buyers would like to have. Therefore, the sales outlets of the manufactures and the hobby club shops are better sources to procure RC cars than general shops. Hobby club shops have an edge over sales outlets as the customer can get more balanced information about the wide variety of models available. On the other hand, if the buyer is sure about the model that he would like to purchase, manufacture outlets can offer them a better bargain.

The important things needs to be kept in mind while choosing the place of purchase is the after sale service provided by the seller. RC cars can be difficult to maintain, especially in the case of nitro cars. Online stores offer a better deal in terms of prices, but the fuel and other accessories have to be arranges by the buyer themselves which can sometimes be problem. Online stores offering used RC cars offer very cheap prices but eventually the buyer has to pay for the broken parts as well as other maintenance expenses.

RC car racing hobbyist groups are the most reliable source of information for the beginners. They can provide information about the latest trends and models available in the market. Sometimes, the opinion of the hobbyist cannot be neutral as they show preference towards a particular model due to their own prejudices. The hobbyist groups might have some connection with the suppliers where they can get their cars at a big discount. Often, these groups have their own shops where they sell RC card as well as the spare parts to other hobbyists in the club. Since RC car racing requires money as well as technical ability for its maintenance to have knowledgeable people around.

Beginners should check the models of RC cars on the Internet and outlets to check what products they would prefer. If they choose niro cars, they must ensure supply of the fuel as well. RC car racing is a hobby which sometimes last for life, therefore, it is important for them to go to a retail outlet which has been there for quite some time, because it may not be a single one time transaction but a long customer-seller relationship.


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