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The Future Of The RC Vehicle Industry

Posted by David Nielsen on November 19, 2013.

The early beginnings of the RC vehicle industry are mostly related to the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty first century. Ever since the first remote controlled helicopter built in 1970 (officially), generations worldwide have been infatuated by remote controlled toys and gadgets. Whether they are meant to be simple toys for children, hobbies of the adults or instruments of civil significance, radio controlled devices have been on the path of constant development. It can be claimed that the remote control vehicle industry has already been at its peak, passed its zenith and is now slowly but surely passing down its first place to new, modern technologies such as home video games, portable entertainment devices, smarphones, tablets etc. Hand held electronics and other modern technological wonders are causing the loss of radio controlled toys all over the world. Some argue that the main reasons for the disappearance of remote controlled devices are the limited ways of playing with them, their bulky designs and also long charge times. Be that as it may, many experts consider that the saying “what comes down, must go up” applies here.

The turnaround

No one ever suspected that the advancement of modern technology can be used to relaunch and revive the fallen remote control toys category. Technology has become more easily reproduced and much cheaper, so numerous companies are rushing to create new remote controlled toys with updated equipment. Various new toys are being remodeled and recreated in way that ensures that they will be up to date in terms of the electronics and also the technology that they are based on.
One particular approach that has been gaining momentum over time is the use of interactive technology in numerous remote controlled toys. This approach is considered to be the future of the RC vehicles industry, since it is based on creating toys that possess a certain level of intelligence that can still be commanded. It is said that this approach creates a link that brings toys to life and connects them with other passions of children.
Another futuristic approach is based on combining digital hardware that is embedded into certain toys that are already remote controlled. It is very easy to imagine the various possibilities of such a toy, for example, a remote controlled helicopter that has a high definition camera built into it, which allows kids to take photographs and record videos while at the same time piloting the helicopter.

In light of these futuristic ideas and directions, there is no question that some of the toys that have been created for the sole purpose of having fun will be used in much more serious, potentially life threatening situations, such as the use of a remote controlled chopper that possesses a video camera by the military or even police. Cheap technology will surely enable various government and military agencies to fight the battle for preserving the lives of soldiers in combat by putting remote controlled robots in their place.

Some of the pioneers

It is a fact that remote controlled toys are not just simple gadgets anymore that can only do one or two tricks. Some companies that are taking the revived RC toys market by storm with their products are:

• Bandai, a Japanese RC toys company that has recently put out its very popular rejuvenated RC toy “Cyclaws”;
• Spin Master, an American company that is putting out its products “Switch Blade” and “Hawkeye”;
Switch Blade Morphing RC  see video here
Hawk Eye has a built in camera see video at
• Mattel, an American company that is putting out pocket sized upgraded versions of its popular “Hot Wheels” etc.


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