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Wholesale RC Cars In California

Posted by David Nielsen on November 15, 2013.

California has always been a place that supports numerous civil liberties, so it comes as no surprise that RC toys and cars in particular are very popular in the state. In addition to being one of the most developed states in the US, it is also home to many wholesalers who make it their mission to supply the best and highest quality RC toys to the thriving market demand. Whether you’re going out for the weekend to race RC cars with your son somewhere in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento or any other place in California, you can play around with your mind at ease knowing that there are stores on every corner that can supply you with the necessary accessories, parts and new RC car and various other RC toys, should you damage your current ones in demonstrating to your kid how good you can control your RC road car. Wholesalers of RC toys in California have a long history of doing business in one of the most beautiful states of the US.

If it’s got a remote-it’s cool

All kids, especially the later generations will tell you that operating a toy via remote control is the ultimate fun thing to do. So if it’s an RC toy car that you want, and if you want plenty of it, here are a few wholesale dealers of RC cars in the California area:

WholesaleToys.biz, 11312 Orchard Street, Unit A, El Monte, CA 91731 USA, phone numbers: 626-TOYS-626 and 626-414-3313; Specialized in drop ship and wholesale RC toys;
hobby-estore.com, Monterey Park, CA 91745 US, phone number: 323-225-2928, fax: 626-552-3727; Specialized in electric and nitro RC cars, as well as off road buggy’s and on road cars;
www.hobbytron.com 24700 Avenue Rockefeller, Santa Clarita, Ca 91355, phone number: (818)675-9000, fax: (818)675-9002; Specialized in scale models of licensed real life cars with an astonishing level of detail craftsmanship;
Dollardays International, Inc,7575 E Redfield Road, Suite 201, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 USA, phone number: 877-837-9569 and 480-922-8155, fax: 480-922-3764; Specialized in online closeout and distribution;
Hobby Wholesale Inc, 6136 Gateway Boulevard, Edmonton T6H 2H8 Canada, phone number: (877) 363-3648 and (780) 434-3648, fax: 780-434-3660; Specialized in rocketry, remote controlled planes and cars, science and astronomy.
All of these wholesalers will definitely satisfy the wishes of almost any kid out there who desires a one of a kind, unique and personalized RC toy car that he can bash around his back yard.
A slightly different perspective
If, on the other hand, a kid doesn’t just want a RC toy car that he can get in a store and be bored with within a matter of days, there is a slightly different option that he can go for. He can visit chalktoys.com and choose to get a RC car that comes with a set of washable chalk markers that enable him to change the overall patterns and appearance of his toy however and whenever he decides to. An RC toy car, that is a model of a real car 28 times smaller in scale, is created in a way that allows children to express their painting talents (if they posses any). Even if they don’t, this RC car guarantees that kids will never grow tired of playing with the same toy over and over again, which is exactly what they want.


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