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I Love My Chalk Toy RC Car

Posted by David Nielsen on November 15, 2013.

Playing around with your kid on the weekends is the beautiful start of a day, don’t you think? In addition to having your kind enjoy spending some quality time with you, you can also rest assure knowing that your child will not forget those moments they’ve spent with you as long as they live. However, no matter how hard you try, you are also a living, breathing being that needs to cool down every once in a while. So, it kind of makes sense to occupy your kid with a toy or two and hope that that will be enough to persuade him to give you a break…or a few. So, you open up your old treasure chest and you dust off your old RC car that’s very simple in design, but gets the job done. If on the other hand, you don’t have an antique RC car (or an old treasure chest just lying around in the attic), you can save yourself a lot of trouble by getting your kid a brand new dazzling RC buggy. Not only will you enable yourself some well deserved parenting time out, but you’ll probably be the world’s greatest dad (or mom, you never know).

Chalk RC toys – an unusual way of making children happy

Toys are a wonderful way of providing a joyful and careless childhood for a child. Especially in this modern day and age, when toys are being invented and created the likes of which older generations could not have imagined existing in their wildest dreams. Take RC toys, for example. Adults probably had no idea that sometime in their future their children would be able to play with an advanced, high tech, highly detailed model of a radio controlled or smartphone controlled car that is an exact replica of a real model car, only 28 times smaller in size. And when they come to the realization that the RC toy car can be painted with chalks and in that way transformed into different appearances-that just opens up the possibilities for children to develop their creativity in a playful manner. A chalk RC car is a great way to ensure that children remain occupied with something that will enable them to have fun, but also have a learning experience through which they realize the world around them at a slow and steady pace.

Where to get your chalk RC car?

Chalk toys LLC is a retailer that is bound to help your child find the perfect toy. In addition to providing high quality RC cars, it can also provide:

  • Chalk Piggy
  • Chalk Dyno
  • RC Chalk Helicopter
  • Chalk markers etc.

Just imagine your child playing around with their RC toy car painted as a high end exotic car escaping from a showroom. Then it stops, your kid washes it, colors it as a police car and sets off into hot pursuit for the stolen car. Or in another case, imagine your kid racing a car painted in the team colors of one sponsor, than pulling over, repainting the car in a different color and resuming the race as a different team member. The possibilities are virtually limitless and you child will be more than grateful to have the ultimate toy to play with.


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