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Where To Buy The Best RC Car

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RC cars refer to model cars or trucks that are self powered and controlled by transmitter. There are several models and brands of RC cars available in the market. It is essential that buyers are sure about their priorities before choosing the model and place where they are going to buy it. RC cars are powered by nitro or electricity. Nitro cars most often reach higher speeds and run for longer periods of time than the electric cars, but electric cars are more reliable and quieter of the two. Money is another factor that needs to be considered while choosing where to buy. It includes both price to be paid as well as maintenance cost.

There are several companies that manufacture ready to run RC cars and some sell the parts which are assembled by the buyers themselves. The RC cars are available in many toy shops as well as in the toy sections of many chain stores like KMart. RC cars are also sold on the Internet on Amazon and eBay. However there general retail and online stores do not provide a wide variety of products that buyers would like to have. Therefore, the sales outlets of the manufactures and the hobby club shops are better sources to procure RC cars than general shops. Hobby club shops have an edge over sales outlets as the customer can get more balanced information about the wide variety of models available. On the other hand, if the buyer is sure about the model that he would like to purchase, manufacture outlets can offer them a better bargain.

The important things needs to be kept in mind while choosing the place of purchase is the after sale service provided by the seller. RC cars can be difficult to maintain, especially in the case of nitro cars. Online stores offer a better deal in terms of prices, but the fuel and other accessories have to be arranges by the buyer themselves which can sometimes be problem. Online stores offering used RC cars offer very cheap prices but eventually the buyer has to pay for the broken parts as well as other maintenance expenses.

RC car racing hobbyist groups are the most reliable source of information for the beginners. They can provide information about the latest trends and models available in the market. Sometimes, the opinion of the hobbyist cannot be neutral as they show preference towards a particular model due to their own prejudices. The hobbyist groups might have some connection with the suppliers where they can get their cars at a big discount. Often, these groups have their own shops where they sell RC card as well as the spare parts to other hobbyists in the club. Since RC car racing requires money as well as technical ability for its maintenance to have knowledgeable people around.

Beginners should check the models of RC cars on the Internet and outlets to check what products they would prefer. If they choose niro cars, they must ensure supply of the fuel as well. RC car racing is a hobby which sometimes last for life, therefore, it is important for them to go to a retail outlet which has been there for quite some time, because it may not be a single one time transaction but a long customer-seller relationship.

What Does RC Heli Mean?

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RC Heli is the abbreviation for radio controlled helicopter. Radio controlled helicopters are flying models of helicopters which are controlled from the ground with a transmitter that sends radio signals to a receiver in the model which manipulates the flight controls of the model. RC helicopters are usually used by hobbyists. They use these toys for frivolous purposes. From time to time, they are used for low altitude, near to the ground mid-air photography, policing, filming and remote observation. They have a weight ranging from hundreds of grams to a few grams. The utmost elevation of operation for RC-helicopters is efficiently restricted to the altitude at which the model is still able to be seen. A good number of eminent radio control systems have capacity to elevate over a mile.

A 4-channel radio which includes elevator, throttle, aileron and rudder is the minimum required for a small fixed pitch helicopter. Advanced radios include adjustable mixing functions due to the usual communication of the variety of control mechanisms. Several radio control schemes are used for RC helicopters. The rhythm code intonation scheme of radio control transmits a digitally encoded number the commanded spot for every servo. Pulse-position modulation scheme of radio control transmits pulses 1 per servo position for the commanded position for each servo as duty cycle. However the lack of a fail-safe mechanism in this scheme makes it more suited to small models. Frequency-hopping spreads the spectrum of radio controlled transmission of radio signals by rapidly switching among many frequency channels between transmitter and receiver. It mitigates the risk of interference on a fixed frequency.
RC helicopters are usually constructed of glass-reinforced plastic, plastic, carbon fiber or aluminum. Wood, carbon fiber or fiberglass are commonly used for making the rotor blades of the RC helicopter. They are categorized into various classes depending on their size and engine power. They are powered with glow fuel, electric batteries, gasoline, and turbine engines. Typical flight time for helicopters fueled with nitro is 7–15 minutes depending on the engine size and tuning. The various helicopter controls are maintained by means of small servo motors, commonly known as servos. The tiny volume and less weight of RC helicopters, as well as their constituents, mean that managed inputs, particularly cyclic could have an extremely quick comeback, as well as the ability to turn-around quickly. The RC helicopters which are powered by nitro typically have two stroke motors. The tail rotor has a gyroscope to prevent any tail movement caused by wind and reaction to torque.

RC helicopters are more susceptible to even slight vibrations during their flight because of moving parts; therefore, the construction of an RC helicopter has to be more precise than other RC aircrafts. The mechanical intricacy along with increasing the precision in managing of the swashplate of the helicopter has been improved by using a cyclic pitch assimilation (CCPM) system combines the control put in by using software running on the transmitter. A highly developed type of RC helicopter soaring is known as 3D. There are lots of 3D competitions around the globe.

Despite some RC helicopters being used for commercial purposes, they are mainly treated as a hobby. Several competitions are organized for the aero-modeling hobbyists to perform a predetermined set of moves. Recently, the US Federal Aviation authority ruled that all RC fliers require certification to fly RC helicopters in the country due to some fatal accidents involving them.

5 Reasons To Buy A RC Helicopter

November 20, 2013 | 0 comments »

Many people want to get something that is high functioning and will give them good value for their money. You do not want to choose gas engines when you can easily get the ones that are controlled electronically. With the chance of using some of the best offers, you will highly get the benefits that you deserve. The gas engines have many disadvantages, making it harder for many people to buy it. This has seen the right of the electric rc models all over the globe.


The electric rc do not have noise. You will not have to worry about disturbing your neighbors with the noise at any time of day or night. The ones made from the gas engine have high level noises which is quite disturbing. With the electric engines, you will not need to worry about noise since it is moderate and you can hardly hear it. This gives you the chance to ride it when you like. This includes the parks, the residential homes and in public place.


The electric rc helicopters are easier to maintain compared to other engines. They will have high performance during the sessions and this will mean there are minimal repairs. Since they are well placed and use high quality products to function, they shall hardly need any form of servicing. They are also not messy in this process and you can be done with the maintenance in a matter of minutes. They have small issues which can be fixed unlike the gas engines which might even require you to buy another new engine.


The electric rc helicopters will only need to have battery power and they are good to go. You do not need to worry about them stalling in mid air or have engine issues. This will make it more reliable for people who want to use them the whole day. You can ride for many hours and you shall not have an issue with the engines. This is unlike the gas counterparts, which are known to stall in mid air and hard to control after continuous use.

Easy to fly

You do not need to master the plane in order to ride it. Some of the gas powered helicopters will require someone who has the skill and will have to train in order to start riding. This is not the same with the rc electric helicopters. You will not need immense training to operate them. You shall only need to learn the basics and you are good to operate them well. This is ideally good for people who want to get the right solutions when choosing the best planes to ride.


Do you know you can use the electric rc helicopters indoors? This is due to the small size. This makes it ideal for people who have limited space or do not have time to go to the park. With the chance of using the high-powered engines, you will easily ride it in the house and you do not have to worry about the noise. The size also enhances the performance of the engine. The smaller it is the better. It is fast, easy to control and you can use it even when there is minimal space. They are available in different sizes making it easier to make the best pick

The Future Of The RC Vehicle Industry

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The early beginnings of the RC vehicle industry are mostly related to the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty first century. Ever since the first remote controlled helicopter built in 1970 (officially), generations worldwide have been infatuated by remote controlled toys and gadgets. Whether they are meant to be simple toys for children, hobbies of the adults or instruments of civil significance, radio controlled devices have been on the path of constant development. It can be claimed that the remote control vehicle industry has already been at its peak, passed its zenith and is now slowly but surely passing down its first place to new, modern technologies such as home video games, portable entertainment devices, smarphones, tablets etc. Hand held electronics and other modern technological wonders are causing the loss of radio controlled toys all over the world. Some argue that the main reasons for the disappearance of remote controlled devices are the limited ways of playing with them, their bulky designs and also long charge times. Be that as it may, many experts consider that the saying “what comes down, must go up” applies here.

The turnaround

No one ever suspected that the advancement of modern technology can be used to relaunch and revive the fallen remote control toys category. Technology has become more easily reproduced and much cheaper, so numerous companies are rushing to create new remote controlled toys with updated equipment. Various new toys are being remodeled and recreated in way that ensures that they will be up to date in terms of the electronics and also the technology that they are based on.
One particular approach that has been gaining momentum over time is the use of interactive technology in numerous remote controlled toys. This approach is considered to be the future of the RC vehicles industry, since it is based on creating toys that possess a certain level of intelligence that can still be commanded. It is said that this approach creates a link that brings toys to life and connects them with other passions of children.
Another futuristic approach is based on combining digital hardware that is embedded into certain toys that are already remote controlled. It is very easy to imagine the various possibilities of such a toy, for example, a remote controlled helicopter that has a high definition camera built into it, which allows kids to take photographs and record videos while at the same time piloting the helicopter.

In light of these futuristic ideas and directions, there is no question that some of the toys that have been created for the sole purpose of having fun will be used in much more serious, potentially life threatening situations, such as the use of a remote controlled chopper that possesses a video camera by the military or even police. Cheap technology will surely enable various government and military agencies to fight the battle for preserving the lives of soldiers in combat by putting remote controlled robots in their place.

Some of the pioneers

It is a fact that remote controlled toys are not just simple gadgets anymore that can only do one or two tricks. Some companies that are taking the revived RC toys market by storm with their products are:

• Bandai, a Japanese RC toys company that has recently put out its very popular rejuvenated RC toy “Cyclaws”;
• Spin Master, an American company that is putting out its products “Switch Blade” and “Hawkeye”;
Switch Blade Morphing RC  see video here
Hawk Eye has a built in camera see video at
• Mattel, an American company that is putting out pocket sized upgraded versions of its popular “Hot Wheels” etc.

What Does 3 Channel Mean

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For RC Helicopter
In short 3 channel means that your RC helicopter can go forward and backwards, up and down , and left and right.
For RC Car
3 channel means referring to a rc car means your car can go forward and backwards , left and right and slat right and slant left.

In the world of remote controlled helicopters and remote controlled helicopter flying, there are many technical terms and names to overcome if your goal is to become a well rounded RC helicopter pilot. Terms like gyroscope, rotors, rotor blades, landing gear, power output, RC helicopter grade, fuel types, remote control types etc. can be very confusing and mind boggling, especially for a beginner. A good example for this is also the term that refers to the number of “channels” that are required (or preferred, when discussing professional pilots) in order to successfully control a RC helicopter. Among many other questions that beginners in the art of piloting RC choppers are bound to ask, this particular one regarding channels is perhaps the most frequently asked. Depending on the type of remote controlled helicopter you have chosen to practice on (or own), in order to fully understand all of the quirks and catches in remote control helicopter piloting techniques, you must first understand the physics of it, in terms of all possible directions in which an aerial object or vehicle is capable of travelling.

General channel info

First things first-it is necessary to know that there are:

  • RC radios with two channels
  • RC radios with three channels
  • RC radios with four channels
  • RC radios with five channels
  • RC radios with six channels
  • RC radios with seven + channels

Now, each channel in responsible for controlling one specific component or surface of the RC helicopter. In other words, the number of channels that is required by a pilot depends on the complexity of the RC helicopter they own or wish to pilot. That is why the number of channels of a RC helicopter radio is probably the very first decision that needs to be made when purchasing a radio for a remote controlled helicopter.

The meaning of three channels

When considering 3-channel radios, it is wise to know that there are several coaxial RC helicopters that are toy grade and used three channel radios. The term “coaxial” means that these RC helicopters have two main rotors that are rotating in opposite directions from each other (in other words, counter rotating).

  • One of the radio channels is in charge of controlling the main rotors’ speed (both main rotors at the same time).
  • Another one of the radio channels is in charge of alternating the speed of the main rotors that are counter rotating, thus enabling the RC helicopter to turn left and right (turn around their imagined vertical axis, not strafe!).
  • The last radio channel is in charge of controlling the direction and speed of a third rotor located on the tail boom that contains a small fan blade. This third fan (rotor) is mounted vertically (as opposed to the two main rotors that are positioned horizontally, above one another) in order to allow the helicopter to pitch forward and back, thus allowing it to move in those directions.

Three channel RC radios fall into the category of simple radios that are most often included in the package with the helicopter itself, so customers most likely won’t have to worry about purchasing one separately. Although three channel RC helicopters and radios come in a variety of sizes, colors, materials and designs, the basic idea of piloting a RC helicopter via a three channel radio never gets old.

Wholesale RC Cars In California

November 15, 2013 | 0 comments »

California has always been a place that supports numerous civil liberties, so it comes as no surprise that RC toys and cars in particular are very popular in the state. In addition to being one of the most developed states in the US, it is also home to many wholesalers who make it their mission to supply the best and highest quality RC toys to the thriving market demand. Whether you’re going out for the weekend to race RC cars with your son somewhere in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento or any other place in California, you can play around with your mind at ease knowing that there are stores on every corner that can supply you with the necessary accessories, parts and new RC car and various other RC toys, should you damage your current ones in demonstrating to your kid how good you can control your RC road car. Wholesalers of RC toys in California have a long history of doing business in one of the most beautiful states of the US.

If it’s got a remote-it’s cool

All kids, especially the later generations will tell you that operating a toy via remote control is the ultimate fun thing to do. So if it’s an RC toy car that you want, and if you want plenty of it, here are a few wholesale dealers of RC cars in the California area:, 11312 Orchard Street, Unit A, El Monte, CA 91731 USA, phone numbers: 626-TOYS-626 and 626-414-3313; Specialized in drop ship and wholesale RC toys;, Monterey Park, CA 91745 US, phone number: 323-225-2928, fax: 626-552-3727; Specialized in electric and nitro RC cars, as well as off road buggy’s and on road cars; 24700 Avenue Rockefeller, Santa Clarita, Ca 91355, phone number: (818)675-9000, fax: (818)675-9002; Specialized in scale models of licensed real life cars with an astonishing level of detail craftsmanship;
Dollardays International, Inc,7575 E Redfield Road, Suite 201, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 USA, phone number: 877-837-9569 and 480-922-8155, fax: 480-922-3764; Specialized in online closeout and distribution;
Hobby Wholesale Inc, 6136 Gateway Boulevard, Edmonton T6H 2H8 Canada, phone number: (877) 363-3648 and (780) 434-3648, fax: 780-434-3660; Specialized in rocketry, remote controlled planes and cars, science and astronomy.
All of these wholesalers will definitely satisfy the wishes of almost any kid out there who desires a one of a kind, unique and personalized RC toy car that he can bash around his back yard.
A slightly different perspective
If, on the other hand, a kid doesn’t just want a RC toy car that he can get in a store and be bored with within a matter of days, there is a slightly different option that he can go for. He can visit and choose to get a RC car that comes with a set of washable chalk markers that enable him to change the overall patterns and appearance of his toy however and whenever he decides to. An RC toy car, that is a model of a real car 28 times smaller in scale, is created in a way that allows children to express their painting talents (if they posses any). Even if they don’t, this RC car guarantees that kids will never grow tired of playing with the same toy over and over again, which is exactly what they want.

I Love My Chalk Toy RC Car

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Playing around with your kid on the weekends is the beautiful start of a day, don’t you think? In addition to having your kind enjoy spending some quality time with you, you can also rest assure knowing that your child will not forget those moments they’ve spent with you as long as they live. However, no matter how hard you try, you are also a living, breathing being that needs to cool down every once in a while. So, it kind of makes sense to occupy your kid with a toy or two and hope that that will be enough to persuade him to give you a break…or a few. So, you open up your old treasure chest and you dust off your old RC car that’s very simple in design, but gets the job done. If on the other hand, you don’t have an antique RC car (or an old treasure chest just lying around in the attic), you can save yourself a lot of trouble by getting your kid a brand new dazzling RC buggy. Not only will you enable yourself some well deserved parenting time out, but you’ll probably be the world’s greatest dad (or mom, you never know).

Chalk RC toys – an unusual way of making children happy

Toys are a wonderful way of providing a joyful and careless childhood for a child. Especially in this modern day and age, when toys are being invented and created the likes of which older generations could not have imagined existing in their wildest dreams. Take RC toys, for example. Adults probably had no idea that sometime in their future their children would be able to play with an advanced, high tech, highly detailed model of a radio controlled or smartphone controlled car that is an exact replica of a real model car, only 28 times smaller in size. And when they come to the realization that the RC toy car can be painted with chalks and in that way transformed into different appearances-that just opens up the possibilities for children to develop their creativity in a playful manner. A chalk RC car is a great way to ensure that children remain occupied with something that will enable them to have fun, but also have a learning experience through which they realize the world around them at a slow and steady pace.

Where to get your chalk RC car?

Chalk toys LLC is a retailer that is bound to help your child find the perfect toy. In addition to providing high quality RC cars, it can also provide:

  • Chalk Piggy
  • Chalk Dyno
  • RC Chalk Helicopter
  • Chalk markers etc.

Just imagine your child playing around with their RC toy car painted as a high end exotic car escaping from a showroom. Then it stops, your kid washes it, colors it as a police car and sets off into hot pursuit for the stolen car. Or in another case, imagine your kid racing a car painted in the team colors of one sponsor, than pulling over, repainting the car in a different color and resuming the race as a different team member. The possibilities are virtually limitless and you child will be more than grateful to have the ultimate toy to play with.

What is a chalk marker?

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Have you ever wanted to paint something and wash it off after 5 minutes? Well with liquid chalk markers you can do this. Not only can you wash it off after 5 minutes, you can use a black light on the chalk markers and watch the colors ignite with color. The most common used chalk marker is the 3mm head piece.

What can you use a chalk marker on ?
You can use a chalk markers on almost any surface other then porous surfaces.
-Anything with a smooth solid surface basically

What is a non-porous surface?

A non-porous surface is a surface that is kind of frizzy not really smooth and solid. For example like clothes. The markers might stain the clothes if it sits on them for more then a couple hours you might see a light outline of your writing. You will always be able to remove the marker but it does leave a outline of the marker writing.
Most chalk markers are non-toxic and extremely fun to use. You can write on piggy banks, refrigerators and even chalk toys!

How to use a chalk marker?

If you want to learn how most chalk markers work you have to simply pick one up at your local art store. Most common stores like Walmart or Target don’t have them. The average retail price for the chalk markers are $3-$5.00 each marker. If you shop online they are the cheapest at $1-$2.00 each. First shake your chalk marker for 10 seconds. Most chalk markers require you to push down on the tip of the marker for 10 seconds to allow the liquid to ooze down into the tip of the marker then simply stop pushing down the tip and the latch that releases the liquid closes to prevent the liquid from drying out.

How to draw a 3dish outline

To overlap colors you need to wait 2-3 minutes before each layer. This way you don’t smear or mix your colors. Simply draw your first letter then wait 2-3 minutes then outline it with a different color.

How to wash off your liquid chalk?

Do not use a green sink spongy that has a rough surface that could take off more then the chalk paint. Simply grab a damp towel and wash off the liquid chalk within 10 minutes of it being on a porous surface, If you write on a non-porous surface then it doesn’t matter how long you wait to wipe it off.

Using A Chalk Marker To Paint a Toy
Real Chalk Markers
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